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   The combination of ease-of use, innovation and flexibility makes Sage Pastel products the perfect accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses. Suited to a multi-user and multi-company environment, these rapid processing business accounting applications has been the mainstay of businesses for over 20 years. There are various features and modules which are onto Pastel products, so that as your business grows, so too does your financial accounting package!
Available Features

Add On Module




Annuity Billing

This add-on provides for repetitive or recurring invoices on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

  • Set up recurring customer invoices.
  • Print or email customer invoices.
  • Set up annuity contracts.
  •   Design recurring invoices templates.


Annuity Billing integrates with both Receivables and Inventory and provides for repetitive or recurring invoices on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. You can specify contract periods, design recurring invoice templates or simply set up base amounts to be charged to your customers periodically. It is a flexible module that allows you to customise it according to your businesss specific requirements.

Bank Manager

This add-on module allows for the cash book to be electronically populated when a bank statement is imported where large volumes of transactions are processed.

  • It automatically imports transactions from the downloaded bank statement into your cashbook.
  • You can split payments to different


  • You can map bank accounts to the correct general ledger accounts.
  • The bank reconciliation process is virtually a click of a button
  • Supported formats include OFC, CSV and ASCII.





The advantages of using this module include the instant processing and coding of accounts once the initial process of assigning recurring coding has taken place; and the process of reconciliation and account coding is virtually guaranteed. Another benefit exists for transactions where the codes have been assigned as per the relevant accounts. Codes need not be assigned a second time only new transactions have to be coded in the months to follow.


Bill of Material and Manufacturing

This add-on module allows you to build, assemble and manufacture inventory items using bills detailing the individual items that make up the completed item.


  •  Update the manufactured item's selling prices when manufacturing.
  •  Calculate selling prices of the manufactured item by percentage mark up on costs or add each components selling price as well as additional costs Create up to three non-inventory additional
  •  costs associated with the Bill of Material, eg: labour, freight, overhead costs.
  •  Allows you to allocate these costs to separate General Ledger accounts.
  •  There is a Material Requirements Report for you to check If you have sufficient inventory components for the specific Bill of Materials.


Designed for the manufacturing and assembly environment, this module allows you to create assembly sheets (or Bills as they are commonly known) detailing each component making up the completed item. Completed items can be manufactured before they are sold or you can simply invoice the completed item and Pastel Evolution will manufacture the item on-the-fly, where-upon the sub-components will be drawn from stock.


You can manufacture items in a single operation or, for more complex manufacturing and for processes that occur over a significant time period, you can work on an open manufacturing process over time.


Branch Accounting

This add-on module allows you to synchronise financial data in a head office branch hierarchy.


Multi-Warehousing is compulsory.

  • You are limited to 1400 branches.
  • Uses an FTP site to upload and import data.
  • Allows you to setup your different branches with its specific transactional needs.


  • Allows you to link multiple branches to the head office.
  • Automatically converts items to warehouse items.


  • Create global records for reporting purposes.


Integrates transactions for comprehensive reporting on different areas of the business. This will enable you to manage your overall business performance taking in account each branchs individual performance.

Business Intelligence Centre (BIC)

Pastels Business Intelligence Centre is a powerful reporting tool, linking to MS Excel and allows you to analyse any aspect of your business.

  • Allows you to automate delivery of information chosen in Excel format.
  • Tracks and monitors operational risks.
  • Olap Cubes: The new OLAP module (Online Analytical Processing) caters for multi- dimensional analysis of your data.
  • Online Web Reporting.
  • Drill down functionality.
  • BIC Standard: Provides pre-formatted reports from Pastel data. Creates new reports or write your own for:
  • Financial Management
  • Management Dashboards
  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Purchases
  • BIC Advanced: has additional tools such as:
  • Consolidations across multiple Pastel Companies
  • Create connections to other data sources such as CRM, Payroll, and POS.


BIC is an add-on module that dynamically links to your Pastel accounting data, taking your business beyond standard reporting functionality.


You can generate spreadsheets by simply extracting Pastel Accounting data and converting it into an easy-to-read, graphic format.


Pastels BIC retains report formats and makes them available for future use. You also have instant access to live information and that last minute journal no longer impacts your Excel reporting. Monthly financials account for a large percentage of manual Excel labour.


Pastels BIC offers a customisable pack which provides drill-down functionality. You can customise the standard set of reports and templates, and create new ones. It gives you flexibility with the combinations of financial data you choose to report on.

Cash Manager

This add-on module helps you to optimise your collections process, and generate up to date and accurate cash flow forecasts from your debtors book.

  • Keep track of all calls made to customers and the promises they make.
  • Instantly link your notes and the Age Analysis balances in a single report.


  • Create daily call back reminders and action lists for easy follow-up.
  • Track all outstanding  invoices, and then categorise all outstanding amounts into clear reports.
  • Keep track of all calls made to customers and the promises they make


Collectors will be able to confidently provide debtors with accurate reconciliations, contact reports, as well as a list of outstanding invoices immediately, and not have to first compile a specific report for each debtor. The visibility that management will have into collectors’ productivity encourages healthy competition to get outstanding debts settled as quickly as possible.


Your debtors will become aware of your professional management and communication systems, your expert reports will assist both them and you in managing the debt, and they will never be able to take advantage of bad communication. Managements increased insight into the efficiency of the department will allow them to alter business processes for more seamless outputs. A competent debtors department will be able to quickly establish common trends for non-payment, and management will have the ability to make informed decisions.


Credit Control

This add-on module allows you to manage your internal credit applications.

  • Use a step by step credit application process to assess your prospect or existing customer credit rating.
  • Uses detailed scoring calculations.


  • Specify the terms and conditions.
  • Has a variety of credit and legal documents.



Integrating with Receivables, Pastel Evolution Credit Control helps you manage your customer credit risk through a step-by-step process.


Your customer will complete a credit risk application form in order for you to assess his/her potential credit-worthiness before granting them any credit.


It will generate the credit application form and run the data through a scoring system giving you a credit-worthiness result on your potential customer. A passing score will see a new account being opened. A failing score will request guarantees or security against granting credit.


It will also generate standard legal documentation based on the type of business you are operating.


Contact Management (CRM)

This module is also referred to CRM or Resolve. This module lets you manage the interaction between your business, customers, suppliers and even your employers.

  • Track incidents.
  • Assign statuses to incidents.
  • Set up escalation paths.
  • Facilitates in improving time management.
  • Set up work flows.
  • Create a knowledge base where employees can create topics to share with other fellow employers and employees, customers, suppliers etc.
  • Detailed graphs and reports.


  • Microsoft Outlook Integration.
  • The Sales Force Automation module integrates flawlessly into CRM.
  • The Business Gateway extends CRM onto.


  • the Internet to allow customers to log into the system.


Traditionally termed CRM or Contact Management, Pastel Evolution Resolve is core to the Pastel Evolution systems functionality. Pastel Evolution Resolve has taken the concept of traditional Contact Management much further by weaving it into the very fibre of the Pastel Evolution accounting system, thus elevating accounting software to its next logical state allowing you to not only capture numbers, but also what we refer to as business activities.


Activity data is integrated and presented together with the numbers providing a holistic view of your business instead of a numbers only view. This integration provides you with the ability to control not only your financial situation but your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. Any issue that takes place in a business, and is important enough to be tracked, is recorded as an Incident in Pastel Evolution Resolve.


Pastel Evolution Resolve will track all Incidents to their conclusion or until they are closed off. The Evolution system stores Incidents even after they have been closed, allowing you to track a history of events as they occurred, as far back

as you wish.


Fixed Assets

Fixed assets are physical items such as desks, computers, cars, machinery, etc which you acquire to run your business. As you use assets, they depreciate or become obsolete. You can legally expense depreciation in your accounts for tax purposes.

  • Tracking each assets value, both from a tax and an accounting point of view.
  • Depreciating assets correctly using an appropriate depreciation rate and method.
  • Updating the replacement values of your fixed assets for insurance purposes.


  • Accurately recording any sale, disposal or loss of assets
  • Maintaining an accurate fixed assets register which records information such as:

date of purchase; date of disposal; purchase price; accumulated depreciation; net book value etc.


Law requires that you keep a register of your business' fixed assets as part of its accounting records. However, managing your companys fixed assets can be tedious and time- consuming. As you use assets, they depreciate or become obsolete. You can legally expense depreciation in your accounts for tax purposes.


This module automates all these processes for you. Once you provide the initial information, the system takes over and manages your assets for you. One of the realities of fixed assets processing is that companies frequently change depreciation rules as legislation allows and as company policy changes.


Some changes are retroactive to when you purchased the asset. Pastel Evolution Fixed Assets calculates its values dynamically from the start of each assets life, which makes retroactive changes simple. Imagine the time required to accurately programme all this, yourself, into a spreadsheet!

Job Costing


This add-on module lets you invoice jobs to customers.

  • Powerful job card processing.
  • Process unlimited job cards.
  • Measure costs and profits per job.
  • Allocate jobs to specific projects.
  • Partial job invoicing.
  • Track labour costs.


This add-on module lets you invoice jobs to customers. A job card is more powerful than an invoice, because you can link more types of items besides inventory items in a job. For example, you can purchase an item directly for use in a job, and you can allocate employee hours from the Payroll module into a job. You can also invoice a job on a partial basis.


You can allocate costs and measure the profitability of short to medium term jobs. Create an unlimited number of job cards, with the ability to archive these for future estimates. Track labour costs from payroll time sheets in Pastel Evolution Payroll and calculate

transactions on a rate, lump sum, or percentage




You can allocate jobs to projects on a job card basis or a job line basis.


Linked Accounts

The Linked Accounts add-on module allows you to link customer accounts on a head office /branch basis.  You link as many branches as you like to the head office. Each of these accounts is a standard customer account. The module integrates seamlessly into your accounts receivable processing.


  • You link branch and head office accounts via the Linked Accounts tab of the customer maintenance function.


  • You can produce invoices, credit notes, and sales invoices at the head office or branch level.


  • You can specify for each transaction type whether agents can process standard journals to branch accounts


  • When you print statements or perform customer enquiries, all branch invoices and credit notes appear on the head office statement.


  • For some customer reports, you can choose to include or exclude branch transactions in the head office's reporting, and you can choose whether to show the branch accounts.







Integrating with Receivables, this module allows for the separate invoicing of branches, but with the added functionality of printing one customer statement at a consolidated head office level.


This is particularly useful when you wish to keep track of a group customer with a head office, or where you need to capture sales made to the individual branches, but then present a consolidated statement to your customer's

head office.

Lot Tracking

Lot Tracking is an optional add-on module that you use along with the Inventory module. It lets you track batches of items using lot numbers.

  • Lot Tracking differs from the Serial Number Tracking add-on module. With serial numbers, each individual inventory item has a serial number. With lots, each batch of items has the same lot number, which is unique to that batch. In fact, you can track items simultaneously via a serial number and a lot number


  • Since lots contain multiple items of any nature, the system allows you to use decimals when working with lots.


  • Once you assign an inventory item to be a lot tracking item, each movement of that item within the system requires a lot number. You enter a lot number when you manufacture or purchase the items, when you move them between warehouses, when you sell items, and when you process returns to suppliers and returns from customers.


  • You can optionally create different lot statuses, such as approved or non- approved. You can then require that each lot go through one or more status changes before you can sell or purchase the lot.




Lot Tracking allows you to track several units of a stock item using the same lot or batch number.


Expiry dates and user-defined status allow you to further control stock items. Users can determine what can be purchased or sold by Lot Status.

You cannot sell stock items that have expired. You can track items simultaneously by Lot

Number and by Serial Number.


The Pastel Multi-Currency module allows you to define a currency for each customer, supplier or bank account.

  • Process invoices using a foreign currency for customers or suppliers in their currency.
  • View and print invoices in your home currency.


  • You can create foreign currency bank accounts and process in these accounts using your home currency.
  • Produce financial statements and reports in foreign currency.


It allows you to track foreign currency, customer and supplier values in both the foreign and home currency. You can view balances and transactions in either currency at any time. You can maintain separate buy and sell rates for each currency.


Pastel Evolution Multi-Currency maintains a history of exchange rates so that you can process transactions at earlier dates using the most accurate exchange rate. When you process customer receipts or supplier payments, Pastel Evolution uses the current exchange rate to calculate any foreign exchange profit or loss, which is automatically posted.


This add-on module allows you to keep inventory items in different warehouses.

  • Create warehouses in different geographical areas.
  • Keep raw materials or internal parts separate from the items you sell.


  • Keep track of items.
  • Use the Inter Branch Transfer feature to move items between warehouses.
  • Set up costs and selling prices per item for different warehouses.


  • Allocate a Goods in Transit status to
  • items being moved from one warehouse to another, until the recipient warehouse receipts the items.
  • Damaged Goods Warehouse.


  • Variance Warehouse.


It allows you to create multiple warehouses, even if it is in different geographical areas.


Allocate different cost and selling prices for items.


The GIT feature has been designed so that you are able to transfer items from the dispatching warehouse directly into a goods in transit (GIT) warehouse. The inventory will remain in this warehouse until the receiving warehouse does a receipt from the GIT warehouse.


Two additional warehouses are created by the program: a damaged goods warehouse and a variance warehouse. This allows you to allocate and account for the receipt of inventory items by allocating them into the receiving warehouse. Any items not accounted for, will either be allocated to the damaged goods or variance warehouse where reconciliation can later be processed. Documentation is printed through

the different stages to accompany the delivery

of goods, and reports can be printed to indicate the location of stock at any given time within the system.

Point Of Sale

Pastel Point of Sale is a simple and secure retail solution. POS is powerful, yet easy to set-up and operate. Pastel POS is keyboard friendly interface for fast processing.


  • There is a Supervisor dashboard the updates every minute displaying total daily sales, value of cheques received, amount of cash received, EFTs received, top selling items, top cashier.
  • Quick and easy invoicing.


  • Option for cash and account sales.
  • Accept payments for customer accounts.
  • Barcode scanning
  • Supplier processing.
  • Offline functionality for unstable networks.
  • Reallocate cash float after cash up.
  • Price lookups.
  • Logo for Slip


Pastel Evolution Point of Sale integrates with both Receivables and the Inventory add-on module, while addressing the practical issues you may encounter within the retail Point-of-Sale environment. It contains the following features which can assist you with:

  • Security parameters (user permissions)
  • Tender types (cash, voucher, credit card and cheque)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Easy discounting processes

It supports peripheral devices such as pole display units, cash drawers, slip printers and a bar code scanner. It is user friendly, while offering you flexibility by allowing for per-till configuration and giving you powerful reporting features.


Price Matrix

This add-on module adds great flexibility to your standard pricing feature. You can establish volume based discount matrices for customers and suppliers.



  • Create separate volume discount matrices for customers and suppliers.
  • You can set the discounts on specific items and groups of customers or suppliers.


With this module you can not only create volume-based or time-based price breaks you can specify discounts by customer or group of customers. In addition you can design unlimited discount variations, such as multiple discounts per customer per stock item, and discounts per stock group while having the ability to override discounts on processing invoices.



This add-on module is a three tiered process that allows you to precisely manage the numerous purchase orders in your business and keep control of purchases either for internal or external use.




  • Manages the acquisition of goods and/or services at the best possible cost, quantity and quality for the direct benefit for use in corporations, or for individuals, generally via a contract.
  • Create agents and agent groups with specific procurement permissions.


  • Set up authorisation processes by using workflows. CRM module is compulsory.
  • Convert approved requests to purchase orders to invoices.


This module offers a three tiered process that allows you to precisely manage the numerous purchase orders in your business and keep control of purchases either for internal purposes or specific projects.


The first tier is the requisition process where the purchase of an item or consumable can be requested and routed to a head of department for authorisation.


The second tier allows purchase orders to be generated based on configurable rules. Different levels of authorisations can be administered and setup. The procurement process also validates all purchases against budgets setup in the general ledger.


The third tier allows the purchase order to be converted into a goods received voucher to receipt the inventory items. Throughout the span of a requisition to purchase order completion, all movements or comments are logged against incidents in CRM Premium. Workflows and Escalations rules can be configured to create efficiencies and automate processes ensuring that purchase orders are actioned on time.


Serial Number Tracking

Serial Number Tracking allows you to track items from the moment you purchase or manufacture the items to the time you sell these items. You are also able to track items for warranty purposes should it be returned to you for repairs.





  • Track movement of individual inventory items.
  • Complete history of the movement of individual items.


  • Ability to create sequential serial numbers.
  • Import serial numbers from a file.
  • Detailed Reports available.


Pastel Evolution Serial Number Tracking allows you to individually track items.


Pastel Evolution Serial Number Tracking keeps detailed information on specific inventory items. From purchase to sale, to returns, each item is tracked uniquely providing you with absolute control over individual inventory items.


With Pastel Evolution Serial Number Tracking you can receive Serial Number Listing reports that provide you with key information regarding your items, such as where the current location of the serial numbered item is, the item code and description, the date of its last movement, the current general location in stock and the customer it was sold to. While the Serial Number Transaction report will show you all the transactions for a Serial Number, by reflecting one transaction per line. Each line will report on the following information: the Serial Number,

item code and description, transaction date and

reference, the customer/supplier account code and its originating module.


Sales Force Automation

This add-on module allows you to track sales opportunities and prospective customers.

  • Manage your sales cycle.
  • Capture competitor information.


  • Forecast reports can be generated for management purposes.
  • CRM is compulsory to use this module correctly.


Sales personnel can update the status of sales opportunities through customisable sales cycle workflow steps. They can continually update the estimated possibility of closing a sale by allocating a probability rating.


Information about the businesss competitors can be captured so that you can recognise and track sales patterns.


You can use this information to give sales personnel and managers an overview of the current sales pipeline as well as product a sales forecast report. These reports show actual values weighed by the probability of closing the sale.


Information Alerts

This add-on module allows you to receive

instant notifications based on predefined criteria.








  • Setup to email or create and incident.


  • Setup to notify on time intervals, daily/weekly/monthly intervals.


  • Keeps you informed.


To cater for the move by many businesses to increase staff productivity and become more efficient, the Information Alerts module is designed to streamline key processes within the business.


Information Alerts allows you to receive notifications based on a set of predefined criteria and take on a more proactive stance in dealing with exceptions in the business.

Information Alerts can be configured to send out

notifications to relevant users via e-mail or CRM (Contact Management) incidents.


These notifications can be setup to notify you on time based intervals, daily, weekly or monthly. It comes with a set of predefined methods, which the business can utilise to define which criteria they would like to be aware of for example a client reaching their credit limit.


An action can be for example a notification being generated and sent to the financial manager, who can then take action. The

module currently supports Accounts Receivable and Payables, Inventory and Job Costing modules.


E-Business and E-Billing

These Internet based add-on modules allows you to create your online store and integrates into Pastel Evolution.



  • Create your webstore using the Integrator.
  • Draw customer, supplier, item and other information.


  • Integrates purchase orders from the webstore into Pastel Evolution.
  • E-Billing allows for faster payment structures, easy customer account access, uniform electronic remittance advise and much more.


The internet has fast become a necessary extension to the traditional manner in which business is conducted. Pastel Evolutions

E-Business module enables you to open an online web store quickly and easily, with seamless integration between your online store and Pastel Evolution. For example, you can draw product and price information from Pastel Evolution into the online store. In turn, online orders can be automatically downloaded into Pastel Evolution for processing.


Iron Tree

Iron Trees mission is to ensure that your business can continue to function after your

data has been lost - whatever the reason for the

loss - natural disaster, theft, or a computer failure. We provide you with the ability to do an offsite backup of all your critical data in a 100% secure manner automatically.

  • Security:
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
  • uses 1024 bit RSA key exchange.
  • 128 Bit RC4 stream cipher and SHA1 integrity checking.
  • Data is stored on our Storage Platform using 448-bit Blowfish encryption in CBC mode.
  • Da ta Re co v e r y solutions:


  • Deleted or lost partitions / files.
  • Lost and deleted emails (all formats and platforms).
  • Accidental and erroneously formatted storage media.
  • Damaged / corrupted data stored on various storage devices.
  • Data from extensively physically damaged storage devices.
  • Corrupt Microsoft Office documents and Outlook PST files.
  • Data from damaged storage devices due to environmental damage.
  • Virus-damaged files.
  • Forensic data analysis and support.
  • Hardware recoveries "Open drive recoveries".
  • RAID system Failures (Raid 0-5).












Without data, businesses would cease to exist. Data ensures that bills are paid, money is collected, contracts are valid, and all information to enable decision-making  is available so imagine what would happen to your business if all the data your business has, suddenly disappears.


With Pastel IronTree, you can make an offsite backup of all your critical data, in a 100% secure way. With the inconvenience that losing data will have on your business, you really cant afford to be without this product.



With Pastel Evolution Mobile, Pastel Evolution users can access information directly from their handheld devices.

  • Uses any cell phone of PDA that supports internet connectivity and web browsing functionality. [You need: Pastel Evolution (Version 4 and up), any cell phone or PDA that supports web browsing, a means of connectivity (3G, GPRS, HSDPA) and Microsoft Internet Information Systems (IIS5+).]


  • View inventory items and stock on hand.
  • Process orders which instantly updates the database.


  • Tracks orders.


The need for mobility, and the ability to access and send information on-the-fly, has significantly increased over the last decade. Workers travel more, work from home more, and spend more time out of the office with suppliers and customers. These workers often need access to company information when at home, with clients or suppliers. With Pastel Evolution Mobile,

Pastel Evolution users can access information

directly from their handheld devices.



Through Pastel Evolution Mobile your sales force will not only gain instant access to customer information but will also be able to view inventory levels and even place an order while visiting the customer, ensuring you continue to meet the level of service your customers have come to expect. Once an order

has been placed via the handheld device, Pastel Evolution Mobile will automatically notify data capturers back at the office of the changes. The order will then be tracked by means of the

Order Entry module.


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